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Customizing your Laptop and desktop is every tech enthusiastic dream. With a lot of customization that you can choose from for your Windows 7, 8, and 10 you can easily create a custom look for your personal PC or laptop. Adding new gadgets and wallpaper is a great way to customize your desktop look. But if you want more from your customisation option on your Desktop, then rainmeter themes is what you can opt for. Rainmetter skins is a great way to customize your desktop without creating much of heavy tension on your processor and RAM. you can get your desktop customized without much headache too with rainmeter themes.

so if you are a new laptop or desktop user or want to customize your old desktop or laptop to make it look attractive and more visually impressing to your friends then here is how you can do it. In this article today, we will talk about Rain meter in detail and how it can help you customize your desktop to a top-notch looking piece of tech with every single customization option.

So without further delay let us have a look at the Rainmeter themes and how it can help you customize your desktop into a new and amazing look.

What is the Rainmeter all about?

Rainmeter is a software that can help you customise your desktop. Rainmeter is really light in weight and doesn’t put much stress on your RAM or process unlike other customization tools for PC or laptop. Rainmeter comes with many additional add ons (skins) which can be used to create a different look for your desktop every time. All the skins available for Rainmeter is different from one another and this can really help you to make your desktop look different from anyone else.

With Rainmeter you can even create your own custom skin or outlook combining two or more skins together. This makes Rain mater a great option for those who can take the time to create a new look for their desktop. And the best thing is that you will be able to save the skin to use it over again in case you want to transfer to a new PC.

So without further delay, let us have a look at many Rain meter skins that are available for free on the official Rain meter skin website. We have short listed some of the best skins for your desktop and laptop which you will definitely enjoy using.

Few Features of  Rainmeter Skins:

Rainmeter skins come with many features. Each and every skin available on Rain meter comes with a unique look, so any new or even older PC enthusiastic will love using and changing the Rain meter skins now and then.

The best thing about the skins is that you can create a visual representation of the OS, processor, RAM, HDD, SSD, Weather, news update and much more just with the skin itself. All the details that will be provided will be legit and will also look visually great add ons more details and a great look at your desktop.

NOTE THAT, all these features come optionally with different skins but even if you use all of these features, you will hardly notice any lag in your PC which makes Rain meter the best customization tool for laptops and PC running on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Best Rainmeter Skins that you would Love to use:

Tech – A Rainmeter Skin:


First on this list of rainmeter themes/skins is the Tech-A skin. This is a vibrant skin for all desktop users who want to give their desktop a techy look. the round shaped tech meter in the middle of them makes this theme worth using.  there are differently detailed mentioned int he tech meter like CPU usage, RAM usage, Date and Time, Temperature, Weather, sunrise and sunset details and many more details.

Click Here to Download the Tech – A Rainmeter Skin

Avengers Shield OS Rainmeter Skin:

avengers shield

The Avenger movie has been a success and “Shield” which has been the base of Avengers has a great OS that every Shield tech users used to use in the movie. the piece of tech was really great and even better to use. And Rainmeter has come up with a similar Rainmeter skin that can help you get the most out of customization. the Avenger Sheild OS rainmeter skin can turn your boring pc into a great one which features displayed in the theme like time, drives, date, apps access like music, skype, chrome, antivirus, videos and even stream.

Click Here to Download the Avengers Shield OS Rainmeter Skin

IronMan- Jarvis Rainmeter Skin:


Tony Stark AKA IronMan is well known for his tech and his assistant Jarvis. If you have watched IronMan then you will know how cool this assistant is. And if you are familiar with Jarvis and want him on your desktop then this theme can help you do it. The IronMan Jarvis theme by Rainmeter makes your desktop looks like Jarvis itself. And to make things more interesting, you can even add voice to the theme making it more realistic.

Click Here to Download theIronMan- Jarvis Rainmeter Skin

Alien Rainmeter Skin:


This is the Alien Rainmeter skin which is really unique. Don’t believe it? Well, I am sure that you won’t find any other customization tool that can make your desktop look like Alien Rainmeter skin. The Alien customisation comes with many features like system name, OS detail, Power detail, Day date and time, HDD space used and left, recent adds to entertainment and even icons that allow you to easily access to My computer, music, videos, Facebook, emails and Twitter etc.

Click here to Download Alien Rainmeter Skin

Razor Rainmeter Theme:


Last on this list of amazing Rainmeter themes is the Razor skin. Well, I don’t have to say much about this Rainmeter theme as you can see in the image above, the whole theme is translucent which offers a great look to any old laptop or desktop. Moreover that, this rainmeter theme comes with customizations that no other theme has like increasing and decreasing the transparency of the theme and the icons as well.

Click Here to Download Razor Rainmeter Skin

To Conclude it With:

So these were the best Rainmeter theme that we have chosen for you today. All these rainmeter skins are unique and even better as you can customize all these 5 rainmeter themes together to create a new custom theme for your desktop. If you liked this list of the 5 best rainmeter themes then leave a comment below which one is your favorite.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

Linking any new social media profile with Facebook or an email id has become crucial nowadays. And the same goes for many famous social media sites that can be created with a new email all over again but it needs to be linked with Facebook to extract information. And one such social media site that is trending now which needs to be linked to Facebook is the Tinder. Tinder is a well known social media site where you can easily meet up with new people by creating new & unique, chat with them and even meet them. Well, Tinder is for sure the latest addition to online dating for sure. but it comes with a huge drawback.

Tinder needs to be linked with Facebook as well to get information to complete the profile on Tinder. This includes grabbing your location addresses that you use on your Facebook and more detail to matchup with people near you. Well, how can this be a problem? We will talk about the problems that you will need to face in case you link your new Tinder account with Facebook and use it to meet new people.

After you know about the issues that you have to face if you link Tinder with Facebook, we will also tell you how you can use tinder without Facebook. So without further delay, let us have a look at the ways you can Tinder without Facebook.

Why Facebook wants you to link Tinder?

Well, before you start off with the process to remove your link with Facebook to tinder let us first talk about why you need to have it linked in the first place.

  1. The first reason why you need to link your Facebook account to Tinder is the most obvious. Well to create a genuine Tinder account. Tinder is very versatile so, linking an Active Facebook account to Tinder will help tinder confirm that the Facebook and Tinder account is for real.
  2. The next reason why tinder wants to link Facebook to tinder is that you can get access to tinder profile really fast and in an easy way. To create any profile you need to time and updates, well Tinder tried to cut short the time required to create a profile by linking and extracting all the information required from the Facebook account that one links.
  3. You must have a lot of Facebook friends who are using Tinder right? Well, Tinder utilizes this information to provide you with an easy result to suggest you people who are already using Tinder and whoa re common on your Facebook friend list too.
  4. Updating every Social media profile with new photos or new updates are really time-consuming and this is where Tinder utilized linking Facebook.  The Tinder profile that you have linked to the Facebook account will update its Tinder account according to the information that you update on Facebook too. This makes maintaining and using Tinder really easy for new as well as older Tinder user.

So, these were the reasons why you might want to link Facebook with Tinder. But linking Facebook to Tinder also comes with lots of drawbacks that can be hard to get by. Let us have a look at why linking Tinder to Facebook is a bad idea.

Why you shouldn’t / unlink Tinder with Facebook?

We have talked about how linking Tinder to Facebook can be helpful to your and also help you save a lot of time But now let us have a look at why you should never link Facebook with Tinder.

  1. Linking Facebook with Tidner will make updating the profile easy but will create a boring feeling as whatever profile picture or status you update on Facebook will be there on tinder. this can be bad as people will be able to see all you common updates making it hard to find new and interesting people.
  2. Getting a Tinder account means you should be ready to date right? Well, Tinder is the place where you can meet new and interesting people not a place to meet you Facebook common friends and family members. As the Facebook account is linked with Tinder you will get many common friends suggestion from Facebook too.
  3. Your contact list, profile, friends will be updated with Facebook update along with tinder. this is really bad as you might not want to share things that you update on Facebook to appear on Tinder. And linking Tidner to Facebook creates this huge problem.

So, if you want to get rid of this problem by knowing how you can use Tinder without Facebook then let us begin. Here we will talk about how you can use Tinder without linking it to Facebook at all or even stop you Facebook information from being shared on Tinder.

2 Ways to use Tinder without Facebook:

Method 1:

the first thing that you can do is increase your Facebook privacy so Tinder can’t access your Facebook details as well as block Facebook from sharing any information. This method works both ways to stop sharing information with Facebook and Tinder and vice versa.

Step 1: Go and login to your Facebook account which is linked with Tinder.

Step 2: Now go to Settings with Lock icon which is available in the top right section.

Step 3: Now you will see another option”See more settings” click on and then click on “APPS” tab to access all the apps that have been linked to Facebook. (Here you will see all the games and application linked so you can also unlink any game or app that are already linked)

Step 4: In the app section you can see the “tinder” app, now click on the Tinder app and you will see a privacy option which you will need to set to “Only Me”.

And that is it, you have restricted Facebook from sharing any information with Tidner and Tidner from accessing any information from Facebook upon update. this was the first way you can use Tinder without sharing information with Facebook.

Method 2:

the next method is really easy and obvious. If you are new to Tidner, you can also create a new Facebook account and link the new Tinder account to the new Facebook account. You can post all the legit information on the new Facebook account that you want to get updated on Tinder. And this way you can avoid sharing any information on Tinder that you don’t want to be shared.

To Conclude it:

So these were the 2 different ways on how you can use Tinder without sharing information from your Facebook account. Hope this was helpful for you and now you will able to use the Tinder account without linking or sharing any of the information publicly on Tinder even when you are using Facebook to share them. If you are still facing any problem while using Tinder without Facebook then leave a comment below and we will help you out ASAP.


Kickass Proxy Sites

Kickass is one of the leading torrent search engines. With a lot more than just offering great content for free but also providing with the latest content like Movies, Software, music, games, images and much more content. Well, Kickass has over millions of things that you can download every single day without exhausting your desire to download more. But with everything you can enjoy from, Kickass also comes with high downtime problem. So, if you find the Kickass torrent to be down then you will need to opt for Kickass Proxy Sites. Kickass torrent has been taken down many times due to privacy issues and copyright protection all over the world. But as soon as the Kickass site has been taken down, they refurbished their site to a new domain.

And now you have to visit .to domain to access Kickass. With over 10million torrent being added every single day, Kickass keeps themselves updated with every new torrent. So if you a regular torrent user, you might love visiting Kickass torrent from now on. And if you find the site o down then doesn’t worry as I am going to talk about Kickass proxy sites which you can visit to access the same.

Even as an existing Kickass torrent user, if you find the .to site to be offline for any reason then now you will no longer need to search for an alternative torrent site as this list of the best Kickass torrent proxy and mirror site will definitely help you out. So without any further delay let us have a look at the list of working  Kickass Proxy Sites.

List of working Kickass Proxy Sites:

All the Proxy and mirror site that we have mentioned here are working so you can start visiting these Kickass Proxy Sites right now to start downloading what you need. Also, note that these proxy site will be available to work with even when the kickass official site is down.

  1. http://katcr.co. co
  2. kickass . immunicity . cab
  3. kickass .unlockproj. club
  4. kickasstorrents. video
  5. kickass. usunblock. space
  6. kickass .ukunblock .pro
  7. kickass5-cd. unblocked. lol
  8. kickass. unlockproj. loan
  9. kickass. cm
  10. kattor. xyz
  11. kat. proxybit. loan
  12. kickass. unlockproj. faith
  13. kickass torrents. video
  14. kat. proxy bit. download
  15. kickass. unblock me. eu
  16. kickass. cd
  17. kickass. unlock project. co
  18. kickass -cd .pbproxy. red
  19. kat. sites crack. info
  20. kickass. skill proxy. org
  21. kat. game king .pw
  22. kickass. mx
  23. kickass st
  24. kickass torrents stream
  25. kat torrent feed pw
  26. kat. sites crack. pw
  27. kickass.unblocked.srl
  28. kickass torrents. to
  29. kickass- cd. bypassed. cool
  30. kickass. unlockproj. accountant
  31. kickass. unlock proj .review
  32. kickass 2 .org
  33. kickass. unlock proj. party
  34. kickass. weby pass.xyz
  35. kickass. bypassed. plus
  36. kickass5- cd. unblocked. lol
  37. kickass. skill proxy. org
  38. unblock torrent. com/kickass- proxy-  unblock
  39. kickass. unlock proj. space
  40. kat proxy. press
  41. kickass- cd. pb proxy. red
  42. kickass. unblocked. live
  43. dus torrent .com
  44. kat cr .to
  45. kat. host
  46. kat. am
  47. proxy index. net
  48. kickass torrents .pw
  49. dx torrent x. com
  50. kickass torrent .cr

To conclude it:

So these were the list of the top 50 best Kickass Proxy and mirror Sites that you can use from right now in case the official Kickass site down. Hope this list of Kickass Proxy Sites is useful for you and if you find any of the site to be unavailable then let us know in the comment section below and we will replace the Kickass Proxy site with a new one.